The Sensational Shift with Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD
Harness your sensitivity — and become even more sensational!

What is the Sensational Shift?

You’re a smart, accomplished professional who wants to step up and become a leader — or move up in your current leadership role. It’s time for you to make a bigger impact with your talents. Yet you feel scared, unsure, or held back. Feeling too emotional, sensitive, or self-conscious gets in your way.

Truth: When you know how to harness your sensitivity, that’s actually the fuel for becoming a sensational leader.

The Sensational Shift gives you training and tools to boost your power and presence. Discover a mind/body approach developed by Dr. Susan Bernstein to making your greatest contribution. Develop stronger confidence to express yourself, resolve conflicts, and navigate uncertain situations. Cultivate your leadership capabilities and become your most sensational self.


It’s my birthday…and you get the gift of relaxation!

playfuljumplovedcroppedI love, love, love any excuse to celebrate. My birthday is one of my favorite “excuses.”

My personal tradition over the last 15 years or so has been to give gifts on my birthday.

Yep. I’m backwards. Most people want to receive gifts on their birthday. Me? I take the opportunity to appreciate the people who have made m life so sensational.

As a Sensational Shift community member, you (yes, you!) are one of those people I appreciate!

meditationforrelaxation_cover1Thanks to you, the wisdom that comes from within me has a place to be heard. I treasure each and every oneof the people who reads the Sensational Shift newsletter, watches the videos I make, attends the events I lead,  and do one-on-one coaching with me.

To say thank you, I’d like to give you a gift. It’s a free download of the Meditation for Relaxation, which you’ll find in the Sensational Shift store.

The Meditation for Relaxation allows you to relax just about anywhere (except maybe in the car). Guess what? No need for a cushion or swami posture! Simply listen and let my soothing voice and the tranquil music  coax you out of stress and overwhelm, so you can breathe deep, let go of tensions, and come back to your true essence. Aaah!

Here’s how to get your free gift:

  1. Click here to visit the Meditation for Relaxation page on the Sensational Shift website. You can also find it here:
  2. Click on the purple button “Get this, to relax now,” and you’ll be taken to a sales page (don’t worry, it’s free!)
  3. On the sales page, look for the box marked “Coupon Code.” Then enter the code BIRTHDAYTHANKS and hit “Apply.” You’ll see the price change to $0.00. Sweet!
  4. Fill in the required fields, so we’ll know who received a birthday gift (you’ll get a follow up email from me, too).
  5. Look in your email for your free download link.
  6. Listen and enjoy!

I’m giving out this birthday gift until Sunday, October 26 at 11:59 pm Pacific time, so please download it by then.

I truly hope you enjoy this special meditation (no cushion required).

Thank you for being your sensational, relaxed self!


Susan Bernstein…the Birthday Girl!


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