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What is the Sensational Shift?

You’re a smart, accomplished professional who wants to step up and become a leader — or move up in your current leadership role. It’s time for you to make a bigger impact with your talents. Yet you feel scared, unsure, or held back. Feeling too emotional, sensitive, or self-conscious gets in your way.

Truth: When you know how to harness your sensitivity, that’s actually the fuel for becoming a sensational leader.

The Sensational Shift gives you training and tools to boost your power and presence. Discover a mind/body approach developed by Dr. Susan Bernstein to making your greatest contribution. Develop stronger confidence to express yourself, resolve conflicts, and navigate uncertain situations. Cultivate your leadership capabilities and become your most sensational self.


How to be sensational in your job interviews

I’ve noticed that interviewing for a job is a lot like public speaking.

onstageImagine this: You’re walking out on a huge stage, with hundreds of people looking at you. You’re got to speak coherently and persuasively to the audience. They’re expecting you to move them to action.

Does that image scare you? Even a little bit?

If so, the fears might not just be the big audience. It might be that you’re doing something that matters. You’re speaking up about something you care about. You want to make a positive impact. You want the audience to love you (in a good way).

Those are the same pressures many professionals feel when they interview for a new job.

Lately, I’ve been coaching lots of professionals to build their confidence during job interviews (you can do this with me, too). It’s great to see the economy picking up, and more people feeling empowered to change jobs. Regardless of how great the job market is, most people get nervous before interviews.

Who wouldn’t be nervous, with thousands of dollars a year on the line? And, since being happy at work leads to happiness in the rest of your life (and miserable work…well, you know where that goes), you have a lot on the line when you’re sitting in front of a recruiter, hiring manager, or future colleagues.

It’s natural to be nervous in your interviews. You have a lot at stake.

It’s my personal joy to prepare you to speak about yourself in a persuasive, concise, yet natural way. Oh, of course you’ll want to avoid getting uptight and anxious, so you need processes to keep you relaxed and receptive. That way, you can “go with the flow” and sail through even the most out-of-left-field-never-saw-the-question-coming doozies.

So, in the service of everyone who’s courageously stepping out and seeking new work, I’m sharing two of my biggest secrets to interviewing well.

Take a Sensational Stance for Success

The way you stand and sit — before and during your interview — is a key component in you connecting with and convincing your interviewers that you’re the one to hire.

Before your interview, I recommend you stand in a power pose for 2 minutes, as Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy suggests in her popular TED talk video, Your Body Shapes Who You Are.

WonderWoman“Susan, what’s a power pose?” you wisely ask. It’s a pose that’s both open and relaxed, often with your fists on your hips, your elbows jutting out to the sides. Think of Wonder Woman (yes, this works for you men, too!)

Be thoughtful about where you do this posture, obviously. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking intimidating to people in the company, especially since you’re the outsider, and we’re almost all programmed to see strength from a stranger as initially ominous.

So, try this at home, first!

Then, arrive early for your interview. Visit the ladies’ or men’s room. Go into a stall for privacy. Do the pose (yes, if you let your mind get too involved, you’ll think you’re crazy. Instead, think you’re courageous and just keep going). Feel the power in your own body. Yes, stay in the posture, breathing deeply, for two full minutes. You’ll almost certainly feel an energy that will infuse you with confidence. As you enter the bathroom stall, think of yourself as pulling a “Clark Kent” stunt, as though you’re visiting a phone booth (who does that anymore?) to switch into your cape.

Want some more ideas for enhancing your interviewing?

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Be Sure You’re Saying Sensational Things to Yourself

When I coach someone for an upcoming individual, they often “spill the beans” about what’s worrying them. Last week, a woman I’ll call Laurie said to me, “Susan, I pretty much think I’m the least likely person to get the job. I almost never feel good about myself during interviews.”

Um, that mindset is just not helpful.

If you’re thinking about yourself in a negative way, how are you going to make a good impression on an interviewer or a hiring manager? What you’re experiencing on the inside reflects on the outside. So it’s vital to “clean up” your inner world (how you think and feel about yourself) so you can reap greater rewards in your outer world (the kinds of opportunities you land).

I’m a big fan of creating personalized affirmations to empower change. It’s really positive, uplifting self-talk. And you know, after you start conversing with yourself in an upbeat way, you start to feel better, believe in yourself more, and win new opportunities.

Some examples of uplifting self-talk

I’m sharing four common interview challenges you might face. Each one has a suggested sentence or two. After you say the one(s) that fit for you, smile for 30 seconds, to anchor the wisdom. You can also clap, pat yourself on the back, or any other gesture that will connect your mind and body.

If you worry about whether you’ve got a convincing story, tell yourself: “I have a great story to share with people I meet in this industry. I love telling stories. So as I do that, I’ll connect well with interviewers.”

If you tend to get nervous or during before interviews, say this in your head or aloud: ”It’s natural to get nervous during interviews. Tell yourself, “If I’m nervous, I’ll share the “elephant in the room” with the interviewer. I’ll tell her/him something like, “I’m so excited about the prospect of landing this job that, honestly, I’ve got a lot of energy buzzing through me. I’m nervous, in a good way!”

If you tend to get very excited before interviews: “I am so excited about this job. Whenever I’m excited, I share my enthusiasm in a way that’s contagious. So that makes me more likely to land this job.”

If you know you’ve got negative thoughts running in your mind about your job prospects, take some time and write down those pesky thoughts.
“I’ve been unemployed too long.”
“I’m missing a bunch of the skills required for the job.”
“I”m probably too old for this job.”

Then, reverse them! Hey, even if you have trouble believing a new perspective, you’re opening up your mind and re-programming your thoughts. That increases the likelihood that you’ll be persuasive in interviews.

By the way, my Job Seeker’s Confidence Kit is a big help with staying positive in the job search process!

So, here’s my sensational challenge for you: Try out the Sensational Stance and the Sensational Sayings before your next interview. Notice how you feel and how you think. And share your experience about how these practices make your job interviews easier.

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Sensational Interviewing: 3 Keys to Connecting + Convincing Hiring Managers
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