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Can yoga make you more peaceful & prosperous at work?

I can’t contort myself like a pretzel. I’ve never worn any Lululemon attire. I can’t take more than a tiny whiff of incense without sneezing.

But yoga is front and center in my life — and it’s made me peaceful and prosperous. 

IMG_5611_2Yoga is so important to me that this past weekend, I became a Kundalini yoga teacher, following an intense 8 month, 220-hour training.

Kundalini yoga is known as “the yoga of awareness.” In 1969, Yogi Bhajan brought to the West the fastest, easiest, least expensive technology I’ve ever experienced for making positive changes in your life. All from the inside out.

I discovered this ancient yoga about 18 months ago. I got hooked on it after my third class. That particular Tuesday evening, I raced to the yoga studio through heavy traffic, angrily shouting profanities at drivers the entire way (not nice, I know).

I’d had a totally frustrating day of last-minute client cancellations, random computer freezes, and an exasperating argument with a friend. Tension and constriction gripped every muscle in my body. I was a tight little demon, infuriated at the world. Deep down, I felt ashamed that things just weren’t working out my life. I didn’t have enough clients or money. I didn’t have enough friends. I didn’t have enough positive life energy.

I arrived in class with seconds to spare. I slammed my mat down onto the floor, and glared at the instructor. Mark looked so serene as he revealed, “Tonight, we are going to do a class to dissolve inner anger.”Whaaaat?!? How did he know I was so angry? Was I really going to get help?

Mark lead us in some movements that seemed strange. Like pounding on the floor. And singing while posing like a cobra. And even snoring! At the end, I lay still in corpse pose for what seemed like an eternity.

A mere 90 minutes after walking into the class, I felt the most relaxed I can ever recall. Like I’d spent a carefree month on a beach, cheerfully doing nothing. I felt 400 feet tall, strong, proud, and tranquil. As though anything remotely bothersome would simply bounce off me and dissolve.

I drove home in a bliss fog. 

When a driver cut me off on the highway, I thought “That person must be having a hard day. Bless him.” I forgot about my worries. I breezed through a ton of work I’d been procrastinating about, feeling light and easy.

I walked around in this bliss bubble for three full days. Though that particular dreamy state diminished, since then, I’ve never spent more than a few hours feeling upset. Really.

In my heart, I sensed that Kundalini yoga held the key to making me the person I’ve always wanted to be. I became a teacher of this yogic practice to learn the tools to support professionals to find the courage to share the best of themselves, especially at work.

I think you have three key ways to live your life.

You can go through life passively, letting things happen to you, like floating down a river with your eyes closed, bumping into rocks, washing up on the shores.

Or you can muscle hard and make things happen, but it’s often exhausting and often you feel like you’re swimming upstream against the current.

Or you can set a heartfelt intention and sense the flow of life in your favor, and float easily down the river of life, consciously making small adjustments to stay in the flow.

That last choice is what Kundalini yoga is all about. It’s a mind-body-spirit practice for easily entering the positive flow of life, especially when you’re surrounded by negativity.

When I find myself angry, depressed, confused, or in any state that’s got me experiencing anything other than an easy natural flow of life, I use this fast-acting transformation technology to make sensational shifts.

If I’m starting to experience an energy drain —  like an upset client, an uncooperative computer, or an unexpected bad mood — I don’t necessarily need a 90-minute class to get back on a positive track. I can do a 1-minute breathing technique. Or a 3-minute meditation. Or a 1-minute posture or movement.

Yep, Kundalini yoga can shift you, fast. A sensational shift.

Your breath, posture, movement, eye gaze, and other embodied experiences can all impact how you see the world and how you respond.

I credit my daily Kundalini yoga practice for the ever-increasing prosperity in my business. It’s supported me to attract inspiring clients who want to make a positive difference in the world through their careers. It’s given me a core of mutually supportive yogi and yogini friends from all around the world. And it nurtures a deep peace within my heart. I now trust the way my life is unfolding, feeling safe and secure.

Put simply:  Practicing kundalini yoga daily has elevated my consciousness. I’m more at peace, and more prosperous. Not just financially. I feel greater connections to other people, to my own purpose on this planet, and to positive energy.

Now, my intention is to help raise consciousness in business. I’m excited to help high-performing professionals to do their work with greater ease. Is that you? 

Want to be more powerful, peaceful, and prosperous at work?

Great! I’d love to share the wisdom and transformative power of Kundalini Yoga, and mind/body awareness to support you in your intention.

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