The Sensational Shift with Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD
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Do you want to be more confident at work? 
My research project can help you!

If you’re a woman who works for a company and you’re struggling with feeling confident on the job, I’d like to set up a complimentary conversation with you. (Gentlemen, please share this message with a woman in your life: your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, friend, or co-worker) As I shift my focus from career coaching to executive coaching, I’m doing some … Read More

What to do when you don’t feel valued at work

Over the past two weeks, at least six clients have said to me, “I don’t feel valued at work.” No fun. It’s like when you were in elementary school, and kids were being picked for teams. And you got picked last. Or like when you’ve been “left out in the cold.” Ouch. That hurts. Have you ever felt like you’re … Read More

Conflict Shift Tool #2

It was such a pleasure to meet you at HR West event! Thank you for participating in the From Conflict to Collaboration workshop with me. As promised, you can download a second Conflict Shift tool by clicking here. I encourage you to use this framework to help you elevate conversations to a higher, more positive level. I hope you enjoy … Read More

6 obstacles to following your true career path — and how to overcome them

You look at some people who just “go through the motions” at work — they show up, do the minimum required, and go home. And that makes you sick to your stomach. Because that’s not you. For you, work is an expression of who you are and what you care about.  You seek meaning and purpose in your work. You’re … Read More

Why It’s Risky to Call Yourself a “Generalist” — and What to Do Instead

Teri, a 40-something senior HR rep at a Fortune 100, nearly whispered as she confided in me. I heard the deep exasperation in her voice.  ”Dr. Susan, I’m a generalist. I don’t really have one specific skill set. That makes it hard for me to attract the right roles.  I’m in a pretty senior role for my age and experience. So it’s difficult … Read More

Are You Using This Super Simple Technique to Create the Career You Truly Desire?

You’d like to have a career that makes you excited to wake up every morning, right? If that’s true, I bet you also want to feel abuzz with aliveness and vibrancy in your work, yes?  And I’ll also guess that you care deeply about making a positive impact with your job. If those things are true about you, would you be … Read More

Could You Be Unintentionally Fueling This Desperate Job Search Tactic?

Twice in one week, I received well-meaning, professional sounding emails from friends. The emails made my skin crawl. One of these emails said, simply: “Dear Susan: I am forwarding the resume of Chris JobSeeker, a hugely talented project manager, operations expert, and team builder. I’ve known him for 20 years, and he’s super smart, reliable, and hard working. I’m reaching out … Read More

Feel Like a “Square Peg in a Round Hole” at Work? Here’s the Unexpected Upside

Mmm, you know the warm and fuzzy feeling of a big wool sweater surrounding you in the winter? It makes you feel safe and welcome and supported. And, at work, you probably crave the  the same feelings — safety, welcome. and support. It’s good to have buddies or colleagues who understand and appreciate you, right? So when you don’t feel like you fit … Read More

Are You a Traveler or a Tourist in Your Work?

You’re dedicated. You give your all. You work hard at your job, right? So it’s annoying when there’s a person in your organization who sees things so differently than you do. Like you always finish things — and they leave loose ends. Or you keep meetings small — and they invite the whole crew. Your differences aren’t the end of … Read More

Afraid to “mess up” your career? Do this.

Have you ever felt stuck in a role or a company — feeling afraid to make a career shift for fear that you’ll “mess up,” or “do it wrong”? If so, I can relate. And I’ve got the antidote for you. I understand because I spent five years in management consulting. Which was at least four years too long. But I … Read More

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