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How to Infuse Your Career with More Meaning, Creativity, Self-Expression & Autonomy

After a renewing, refreshing holiday vacation in Mexico, I’ve been hearing something more clearly than ever:  A burning desire that my career reinvention clients and prospective career coaching clients are sharing. My fresh ears are attuned to a deep yearning that most of them are struggling to express. Their strong feelings come across in comments like: “I can’t stand another … Read More

How to Let Go of Negativity: 10 Ways to Consistently Feel Steady & Positive

I’ve been a worrier most of my life. But now, I’m becoming a warrior. Well, OK, let me be specific: I’m enjoying the greatest success yet in my career. After calculating my year-to-date results, I recently realized that in 2014, I coached more clients than any other year since i went solo in 2005. I also generated the highest income … Read More

Dear Manager: A Manifesto for Conscious Employees

Last week, I asked for your feedback about toxic work. I had just two questions on my brief survey: 1. What makes a workplace “toxic” to you?  and 2. In your opinion, how do we prevent workplaces from becoming toxic?   You sent me TEN times more responses than I usually receive to any post or survey! Clearly, by asking about the … Read More

“Sensitive” Is the New “Geek”

When I was in grade school, I felt sorry for all those “geeky” kids who spent more time reading in the library than joining in the kickball game on the playground. Kids teased and taunted them for being different. While I liked both the library and the playground, I was a little too sociable to be labeled a geek. But I … Read More

Want a promotion? Don’t ask for it

If you’re ambitious, you want to move up in your organization, right? And if you’ve got the speed and drive of a Maserati, you might be tempted to confront your manager with your burning question:  “When am I getting promoted?” Whoa! While I’m all in favor of asking for what you want, you’re more likely to get what you desire … Read More

Feel like crying at work? Here’s why that’s fine.

You’re not supposed to cry at work, right? But there’s a particular situation that can make almost any smart, hard-working professional burst into tears on the job. I call this instance of moist eyes and sobbing at work “The Big Delta.” The Big Delta happened to me a number of times when I’d knocked myself out on a big consulting project. … Read More

Find the hidden gems in your frustrated employees

When you hear someone say, “I’m frustrated,” what do you want to do? Most of us secretly wish we could run away from people who are grumbling and complaining. Their energy brings us down. So it’s understandable that you’d want to escape. Or maybe you’d like to tell that frustrated person, “Get over yourself. Fix it!” But when an employee or … Read More

“What about me?” How to deal with resentment and jealousy at work.

“Hey, what about me?!?” You’ve muttered this if you’ve felt left out. You’ve grumbled this if someone else got something you really wanted. You screamed this if you’ve wanted a promotion, a raise, or an assignment to a high-profile project at work that didn’t come through. And then the pangs of resentment arise. Or you feel the sting of jealousy. … Read More

Why it’s getting tougher to find a mentor. And what to do instead.

“Susan, I feel like I’m falling behind my peers. I think that’s because I haven’t found a mentor for my career yet,”  sighed one of my clients, Chandra. “Am I doing something wrong? I’ve asked people to mentor me, but either they tell me they’re too busy, or they don’t really know how to be a mentor.” Chandra is not … Read More

A simple way to cope when you’re emotionally sensitive at work

If you’re an emotionally sensitive professional, sometimes, you probably magnify icky thoughts in your mind, right? You feel deeply, and sometimes, you take those feelings out on yourself.  I know. I’m emotionally sensitive. So yesterday, I saw my bank account and realized I’m below my goals. I started to tense up with fear and began breathe fast and shallow. I started to plunge … Read More

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