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A simple way to cope when you’re emotionally sensitive at work

If you’re an emotionally sensitive professional, sometimes, you probably magnify icky thoughts in your mind, right? You feel deeply, and sometimes, you take those feelings out on yourself.  I know. I’m emotionally sensitive. So yesterday, I saw my bank account and realized I’m below my goals. I started to tense up with fear and began breathe fast and shallow. I started to plunge … Read More

Is it bad to feel your emotions at work?

I used to work 70, 80…even 100 hours a week as a management consultant, advising healthcare companies on their strategies. Rounding up financial information from all sorts of sources, politely pestering company employees for information, then analyzing reams data, and making spiffy PowerPoint presentations of my findings. Zippy-fast, I’d brief the senior members of our team on our recommendations for … Read More

Why doesn’t everyone care as much about work as you do?

“Why am I the only one at work who gives a damn what happens here?”Jennifer asked me. I heard the desperation in this high tech marketing director’s voice. She called out with a fervent plea for help. Jennifer went on to say, “It’s like the other people around me in my office are just going through the motions. Like sleepwalking. … Read More

Thank you gift for Experience Unlimited participants

It was a joy to meet everyone at the June 2 Experience Unlimited meeting! As promised, I’ve got a free gift for you. It’s a copy of “How to Shift the Interview from an Interrogation to a Conversation.” This is part of the 100+ page ebook I wrote, Interviewing Authentically, that includes 24 exercises to prepare you to interview with power and … Read More

Can yoga make you more peaceful & prosperous at work?

I can’t contort myself like a pretzel. I’ve never worn any Lululemon attire. I can’t take more than a tiny whiff of incense without sneezing. But yoga is front and center in my life — and it’s made me peaceful and prosperous.  Yoga is so important to me that this past weekend, I became a Kundalini yoga teacher, following an intense … Read More

The Real Reason You’re Not Making a Career Shift

As a career coach, I have the pleasure of supporting people to make meaningful changes in their work. But often, before they move into work careers they love, they’ve got to move past a barrier that’s standing in their way. You know that you’ve got a barrier to change if you’re making comments like this: “I can’t stand my job. … Read More

Six Keys to a Successful Career Change

While leading a career reinvention workshop last weekend at the Esalen Institute, a participant asked me a juicy, deep question about career change: “In your 10 years of experience coaching people in career change, what patterns do you see in the people who are most successful in making the transition?” After 10 years of coaching over 2,500 professionals to shift … Read More

Stop stressing out in your job search. Get my help at a deep discount.

If you’re conducting a job search, that’s stressful.  I want to make it easier for 8 pioneering professionals. At a super affordable price. If you are looking for a job, read on. And if you know someone who’s looking for a job, please, share this with them… Right now, your job search might feel awful because of one or more of these … Read More

Oooh! Early bird bonus! Sign up for “Crafting Careers That Truly Fit” right away!

Is it time for a career change, but you’re not sure about the work you want to do next?  No problem. Just follow these three steps (and then read how to Sweeten the Deal, below). Step One:  Stop trying to figure it out! Step Two: Feel it out instead. Your heart and gut have incredible wisdom to inform your career future. I’d love to help you … Read More

The surprising cure for perfectionism and procrastination

Do certain projects trigger your perfectionistic streak and make you procrastinate? If so, I’ve discovered an unexpected way to get past the blocks — so you can get the tough stuff done. This quick story illustrates how to shift out of perfectionistic procrastination “How’s your resume coming along, Beth?” I asked. Silence. Then I heard a gulp. “I haven’t worked on it. … Read More

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