The Sensational Shift with Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD
What shift do you want to make in your career? Let's get you moving!

“If you don’t appreciate me soon, I’ll just quit…”

I spent last night searching for a special breed of handsome man on Why you should you care? It’s not because I need to broadcast that I’m currently single. No, I want to know if you’re with me or against me in my deepest desire for the workplace. Hang in there with me. I’ll quickly explain the link between online dating and … Read More

Conscious Business Collective – January 31, 2015 Gathering

What if more people were awake, aware, and conscious while they worked? Come envision and create a dynamic, engaged future of the business world. Join Dr. Susan Bernstein and Stephan Guerraz, two Berkeley MBAs who meditate and engage in ongoing embodiment practices with others high-energy, conscious professionals as we: Get acquainted – facilitated conversation about being awake + aware at … Read More

The Most Important Career Decision You’ll Ever Make…

If you’re at a career crossroads and considering whether to leave your job this year, your fulfillment rests on one decision. What is that crucial decision? Which path will you follow? The “should” path? Or the “want to” path? Choose carefully. Which path you traverse really matters. The “Should” Path The “should” path presents you with career options that make logical sense. … Read More

Try this experiment at Thanksgiving (or anytime, really)

So, it’s the US holiday of Thanksgiving on Thursday. I love all the good food and being festive with friends and family. But honestly, I could do without the commercial intensity of the shopping season that starts then. You, too? To me, this season isn’t about going to the mall to buy “stuff.” This time of year is all about … Read More

I have enormous hope for the future of business

I have enormous hope for the future of business. Why? Because in conversations, in coaching sessions, at conferences I’m attending, I’m hearing a collective buzz. So many people I meet are craving work that’s much richer, more enjoyable, and more uplifting. You, too? I bet “work” isn’t meant to be a dirty four-letter word in your vocabulary. Maybe you prefer … Read More

How to be sensational in your job interviews

I’ve noticed that interviewing for a job is a lot like public speaking. Imagine this: You’re walking out on a huge stage, with hundreds of people looking at you. You’re got to speak coherently and persuasively to the audience. They’re expecting you to move them to action. Does that image scare you? Even a little bit? If so, the fears … Read More

How to shift out of self-doubt and depression

NOTE:  A few hours after I posted this story, I learned of the tragic suicide of actor Robin Williams. My heart breaks for him, and even more for the millions of people, worldwide, who suffer from depression. My hope is that what poured out of my soul (see below) can support someone who is in the pangs of mild depression … Read More

What I learned while dominating the world

I wasn’t sure I wanted to dominate the world. But, while doing it, I learned a bunch of lessons about changing the world in positive ways. And I’d like to pass that wisdom along to you. How I wound up dominating the world I’d heard about the World Domination Summit (#WDS2014) since 2011, when a bunch of friends attended this … Read More

What are your stressors

Guess what I’ve been hiding about myself…

There’s something about me that I’ve been way too embarrassed to share with most people. I’ve had a lot of judgment about this aspect of myself. But people who know me well can read between the lines and see this about me. No, this isn’t some big revelation about my love life or some secret place where I have a … Read More

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