The Sensational Shift with Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD
What shift do you want to make in your career? Let's get you moving!

How to Create Work That Fits You

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Buy this digital download now for only $29, and you’ll immediately receive the links for downloading the audio tracks, transcript, and workbook.

You wake up in the morning dreading to go to work. You drag yourself out of bed, get yourself to the office, and stumble through an unpleasant day filled with headaches, tension, and frustration. Your inner dialogue goes something like, “This job is sucking my energy dry. I hate to admit it, but I hate my work. I wish I could just leave. But I have no idea what I would do next.” Then, you feel trapped in work that doesn’t fit. Your mind keeps spinning with options of what to do next, but you’re actually getting nowhere.

This 50-minute audio helps you stop working so hard to figure out your future, so you can relax and get clear about your future in a more supportive way. In this digital program, you’ll discover:

You can create the career you desire by making decisions from a place inside yourself. Discover how to tap into and trust your own inner guidance for career direction, with guidance from me, Dr. Susan Bernstein.

I’ve created a fun, transformative program for you that includes:

50 minutes of uplifting audio
A full transcript of the audio program
A workbook to help you integrate what you learn in the audio program

Here’s what you’ll listen to in the audio tracks:

1 – Introduction – What It Means to Work from Within

2 – Getting Out of Step with Yourself

3 – My Story of Getting Out of Sync with Myself

4 – Maximize Your R.O.L.E.

5 – Career Change is Not about Figuring It Out. It’s about Feeling It Out

6 – The Research Shows It – Your Heart and Gut Really Do Inform You

7 – Activities to Help You Get a Sense of What is Next for My Future Career

8 – For the Mind – Drains-Gains-Desires

9 – For the Body – Sensational Work

10 – For the Spirit – Spirit Soars

11 – Alexandra’s Story

Gain more clarity and confidence in your career direction — and your life — give yourself the gift of this inspirational and educational program!

Buy this digital download now for only $29, and you’ll immediately receive the links for downloading the audio tracks, transcript and workbook.

Buy Now $29

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