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How to Let Go of Negativity: 10 Ways to Consistently Feel Steady & Positive

photo-1434873740857-1bc5653afda8I’ve been a worrier most of my life. But now, I’m becoming a warrior.

Well, OK, let me be specific: I’m enjoying the greatest success yet in my career.

After calculating my year-to-date results, I recently realized that in 2014, I coached more clients than any other year since i went solo in 2005. I also generated the highest income so far in my business. I nearly quadrupled my client base, and my revenue is taking off at even more than four-fold.

Last week, I was chatting in a private Facebook group for one of the online business building programs where I’m a member. I was discussing my year-end results with my fellow entrepreneurs.

One of the members, Christine, wrote to me:
Susan, your steadiness and positivity are inspiring. I occasionally “wallow” in negativity, and that’s an energy-suck. Congratulations on your success. I would love to hear more about your “mindset” change and how you carry that out.

Honestly, it wasn’t the fancy marketing techniques that accounted for these successes. Even the coaching I’ve received didn’t create the breakthrough, even if it’s been super helpful.

No, I’ve had the sweetest year because of ONE huge shift.

I transformed my mindset. And that catapulted all my results.

It’s like getting to start fresh. I see with new eyes. And I experience life literally feeling — in my body — more relaxed than ever, instead of tensing up.

I thought I’d share with you how I changed up my whole point of view, so I can get better results.

1.  Eat “clean”

You probably know that food affects mood.

That’s definitely true for me. If I fall into a crummy mood, that’s how my outlook goes. So I’m mindful of what I put in my body. I’ve cut out foods that are shown to be inflammatory, including sugars, dairy, and gluten.

I eat tons of veggies, very little meat, and drink tons of water.

I wake up with a clear mind, and the good fueling food keeps my brain humming along, so I can stay more upbeat.

2.  Exercise daily

Exercise is shown to boost your mood. So when I get my body moving, it gives me a mental boost, so I’m way less likely to fall into negativity.

I strive to run for at least 15 minutes a day. Two to three times a week, I take a two-hour dance class. I’ve started lifting weights again. I do at least 10 minutes of yoga to stretch my body every single day.

And, when I’m pressed for time to do a cardio workout, I do a 7-minute high intensity workout that I follow from an app on my iPhone. (You can find tons of these HIIT workouts by simply doing a Google search, or try Cross-Fit).

3.  Meditate daily

Mediation calms my mind. I believe that my mind should serve my heart’s desires, and unless my I do meditation, it’s hard to direct my mind. With just 10 minutes a day, I am a lot more adept at managing my thoughts.

I adore that science is now showing what I experience when I focus mr mind: Meditation actually rebuilds your brain.

4.  Do daily positive visualization

As part of my daily meditation, I visualize myself being successful. I create mental pictures of me with clients, and see myself teaching workshops filled with ideal women and men who benefit from my teachings. In my mind’s eye, I make the images as vivid as I can, until I feel success in my body. That seems to pattern success into my nervous system.

5. Listen to tiny body whispers

I’ve learned to pay attention to the every early signals from my body to tell me that I’m getting depressed or anxious.

We all have an early warning signal. I’m too late on catching the negativity if I’m feeling a lot of heaviness in my chest or intense tightness across my shoulders.

I’m better able to make shifts when I catch a teeny zone of tightness emerging around my heart. Or I happen to notice tension in my shoulders that’s shallow and small. When I make the catch early, then I get quiet. I ask myself, “Hey, what do you need right now?” And then I stop what I’m doing and give myself a minute or two of a pleasurable activity: Listening to a favorite song. Applying some lavender hand cream. Taking a quick, brisk walk. Splashing cool water on my face.

6.  Suspend negative thoughts

OK, so sometimes, negative thoughts do arise. I’m human. When I listen to the media, my thoughts can go south. I can unintentionally fall into old icky ways of thinking. I can be influenced by the people around me, who are not always positive.

When my thoughts start heading in a downward, dark direction, I now mentally tell myself, “Suspend.”

One of my dear friends, Roni, taught me to say that word to myself when I catch myself glomming on to a negative thought and starting to build it. Amazingly, this works like a charm.

7.  Turn around negative thoughts

If I’m really going into tumultuous territory with my thoughts, thinking things like “How am I ever going to make any money?” or “When will I get any news client?” I do some deeper work.

I write down my icky thinking. On paper. In my journal.

And then I soothe my mind with some “thought turnarounds.” So “How am I ever going to make any money?” might be reversed with a thought like “Everything is OK. You’ve got conversations with prospective clients this week. And you have two speaking engagements coming up, and you’ll almost assuredly find some clients there. All is well.”

The “thought turnaround” gives me a sense of relief, and reminds me that I don’t have to believe my thoughts. The words that bound around in my brain can either support or hinder me – my choice.

I choose positivity.

8.  Get a spiritual perspective

My problems tend to seem much smaller when I put them in a bigger context. I do that by listening to and reading spiritual words.

I especially enjoy listening to podcasts by one of my spiritual teachers, Guru Singh. He was an assistant to Yogi Bhajan, the person who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West. s Guru Singh masterful at weaving stories, and he reminds me to keep a big, big mindset, and especially to keep the faith that the seeds I’m planting will germinate in all the best ways.

I also appreciate Marianne Williamson as a great spiritual teacher who helps me stay upbeat.

9.  Track emotions

Earlier this year, I wanted a way watch and see how my emotions were doing. I found — and love to use — the Moodscope website for tracking my daily moods on 20 dimensions. It takes only about 3-5 minutes a day.

By using Moodscape, if my overall emotional state starts dipping, I can instantly see that, visually. That helps me to take action more rapidly than if I didn’t notice.

10.  Keep a list of abundance

I keep a list in the Notes section of my iPhone, where I list out the abundance that flows into my life. All of it. From the quarter I find on the street to the the new client who joins my coaching practice. I include non-monetary abundance, like having a heartfelt conversation with a friend.

Ooh, I’m so glad you asked about how I turned around my mindset, dear Christine. I realize I’ve put a lot of practices in place to shift my mindset — and my results — into a much happier, more abundant place.

Your turn…

What about you, dear reader? What do you do to shift from a negative mindset to a positive one?

I’d love to read your tips and tricks. Share them here, to benefit others.


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