The Sensational Shift with Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD
What shift do you want to make in your career? Let's get you moving!

Organizational Support

Your organization becomes more sensational when the people in your organization feel empowered to be their most sensational. Career & Leadership Coach Susan Bernstein can help in three ways

Speaking + Workshops

Bring Susan to speak at your organization or have her customize a workshop on topics including:

• Cultivating powerful leadership presence
• Understanding how to use your non-verbal intelligence
• Harnessing the power of your emotions and sensitivity
• Speaking in ways that truly connect and make an impact
• Enhancing intuitive ability
• Standing up and speaking up for yourself as a leader
• Navigating power dynamics
• Transforming conflict into collaboration and creativity
• Developing mindful awareness
• Staying calm under pressure
• Coping confidently in chaotic, uncertain situations
• Expressing creativity at work
• Developing and sharing your leadership vision

Get more information on Susan’s speaking and workshops here. 


Transform an upcoming meeting, off-site, retreat, or conference into a more dynamic, highly engaging, truly interactive event that highlights useful perspectives and provides memorable, useful tools, Susan is available for consultation to create an experience that  meets your audience’s unique needs.

Contact Susan to discuss your upcoming event. 

Coaching for Your Current + Emerging Leaders

Ensure your high-potential leaders know how to clear that internal and external roadblocks that tend to hold back otherwise smart, accomplished individuals from stepping into a greater leadership capacity. Susan can coach your current and emerging leaders to achieve their full potential, either individually or in group coaching.

Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your organization’s unique needs. 

Need something else?

Is there some other assistance you’re seeking for your organization? Let us know.

Contact us and we’ll schedule a time to discuss your needs.

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