The Sensational Shift with Susan Bernstein, MBA, PhD
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SharonSullivan I started coaching with Susan because I wanted to shift from mediocrity to being able to fully access my talents, skills, and interests — especially as a “sensitive person” in the professional world.

I was a little concerned that this was going to solely be a business/work skills type of coaching. Sort of like when you go to a dietitian to lose weight and they give you a plan to follow. Plans are easily accessed through books and articles. If it was so easy to “lose weight” by following a plan – we would all be in good shape!

Susan’s coaching goes much deeper and has helped me accomplish so much more. In our very first session, she guided me to the heart of the matter. Through her warm, highly-skilled coaching, I recognized how workplace stress interferes with my ability to follow a plan or strategy. Susan gave me a host of mind/body tools and techniques to recognize when strong emotions start to throw me off track, and to quickly and easily find my way back to my center and a renewed clarity. I now experience less mental fog and overwhelm. I know how to quickly access a broader perspective — and a brighter outlook!

I’m much better equipped to cut through the emotional layers and to access the problem-solving abilities I need to run my company.

My coaching experience with Susan in 3 words:
Dynamic, enjoyable, life-changing.

~ Sharon Sullivan, General Manager/Partner at West General Acoustics and Environmental

DorothyCheung I started coaching with Susan because I didn’t have a plan and goals around where my career was heading. I was a new people manager. It was challenging to balance my individual-contributor role while learning how to manage different personalities and resolve conflict with collaborators where I had influence, but not direct authority.

I wondered whether I’d have the time to devote to the coaching sessions. Fortunately, the assignments Susan gave me didn’t require much time at all. She made coaching painless, easy, and fun.

Our coaching boosted my confidence and provided me with a way to be truly honest and reflective about where I am in my career — and where I want to go. To me, Susan is a “career therapist” who I can confide in. She always made me feel great about myself in spite of my natural inclination to feel bad about the way I sometimes handle situations.

I can completely open up to Susan and trust that she’ll give me solid advice delivered honestly, without making me feel bad. I never felt like I was being judged. She always had such wise words of wisdom and provoked positive “aha” moments in me.

Susan’s coaching gave me the tools to feel confident and positive about myself and my abilities as a people manager. She helped me improve my relationship building and mentoring skills. As a result, I have the confidence to turn my emotions into something which is an advantage at work.

Three words to describe my coaching experience with Susan:
empowering, zen-like, confidence-building

~ Dorothy Cheung, Group Product Manager,

LissaRankinAt a critical time in my career decision making process, I had the opportunity to experience one of Dr. Susan Bernstein’s Sensational Shift sessions, which provided quick and direct clarity regarding my career direction.

As a physician disgruntled with our broken health care system, I was ready to quit my job. I had four choices- quit my job and finding another practice to employ me, quit my job and leave medicine altogether, quit my job and start my own entrepreneurial business within medicine, or stay in my current job. After Susan helped me use my body to assess my emotions about the 4 choices, and although my mind had been confused, unable to commit to a clear direction, my body and the emotions moving it elicited weren’t confused at all.  The decision was clear. I had to leave the job I was currently in, stay in medicine, and do it on my own terms as an entrepreneurial physician.

If you’re in the midst of making a difficult decision, I highly recommend working with Susan.

Lissa Rankin, MD, Mind-Body Medicine Physician

KarenYankovichI had a Sensational Shift Session with Susan, and a few months later, my life and my business have still not been the same since.

Susan is a GENIUS at really getting to the root of things, and having you come to your own conclusions on how to shift things towards the result you’re hoping to achieve. The simple shifts I learned from Susan are with me every single day. They’ve helped me not only resolve issues in my personal life, but GET MORE BUSINESS. It’s really remarkable! I’ve found my personal power that was getting buried under daily life.

If you’re having trouble getting out of your own way, Susan is the person to call. Today.

Karen Yankovich, Business Consultant + Strategist

GiselleWhen I first spoke to Susan, I felt powerless at work. My attitude was not helping the situation. Susan helped me see things in a different perspective, and it was as if she knew exactly how I felt and why I was reacting the way that I did at work. She explained to me the ways in which I should empower myself, and why. Her advice really resonated with me.

Since I began following Susan’s advice, I’ve felt more empowered and had a more positive outlook on my efforts at work, and how I dealt with coworkers. Immediately upon implementing the changes that Susan suggested, everything changed. I was able to communicate more effectively with my coworkers, I approached problem projects in new ways that got me better results and I am more confident. Because of those improvements, I’ve taken the initiative to take on more responsibilities and projects because I feel so much better about my capabilities.

I can’t thank Susan enough for her insights!
–Giselle Herrera

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlinI worked with Susan as a part of tackling some money and abundance issues. Susan’s guidance put me in touch with what my body was trying to tell me about the long-standing blocks to financial well-being that I was carrying around on an energetic and emotional level. My investment more than paid off my business made $4000 in one day THE VERY NEXT DAY.

I continue to use Susan’s wisdom in my daily practices of being open to receive and engaging in sensational body awareness during meditation and otherwise. I’m so grateful for her work and for her help.

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, Executive Coach

CandiceCI came to my Sensational Shift session with Susan to work out nagging doubts I had around my ability to take business ideas to a greater, more effective level. During the session, I experienced a shift within that transformed those doubts into strength and certainty that I could move forward successfully. Additionally, I have experienced profound realizations around the tremendous life and business possibilities that are available to me through accessing my own personal wisdom and power.

Susan has provided a clear and precise method to tap into inner wisdom and awareness that has me understanding and accepting great truths about myself, knowing the possibilities of what I can achieve, and a simple appreciation of experiences.

In all of the methods and modalities I have used or practiced throughout my life, it is this Sensation Shift work that brings me to a place of true cohesiveness within and about myself. I am awake and I know what I can achieve.

Candice Coscione, Life & Business Coaching

Laurie Rosenfeld“I wasn’t sure what the Sensational Shift could do for me but I was feeling stuck and it seemed like a good time to give it a try.

Susan began the session by inviting me to share something specific that was happening for me that I wanted to shift. Then she took me through what I can only describe as a 90-minute odyssey through my present-moment sensations. We followed them around my body, leaving aside feelings, thoughts, judgment and story. As Susan guided me through this open-ended inquiry, she took me deeper and deeper into the sensations. As we witnessed them, they moved and changed. We also began to notice patterns.

Susan was a gentle, curious and open guide throughout the process. And the results exceeded my expectations: I was able to sit with my resistance and watch it move around my body; I emerged with expanded awareness and new ways to support my body. I left the session with a new tool and practice to continue working with this on my own. What was most surprising was how empowered I felt afterward. It was a profound experience and it lives up to it’s name.

If you have a pressing issue you have not been able to address, and are ready to try something new by exploring the wisdom in your own body, I highly recommend taking Susan’s Sensational Shift for a spin.”

Laurie T. Rosenfeld, JD MA,  
Coaching for Transformative Change

yvonnea“Susan gave me what I needed when I didn’t even know I needed it.

For years, I had been talking about “my story” and trying to move past a situation that kept stopping me from truly stepping into my confidence. Susan suggested tapping into my body’s intelligence, so I had a Sensation Shift session.

I could never have imagined what would occur during my session! I felt my body moving and shifting and dropping into it’s own wisdom. Even though I was a bit tired after the session, as some emotions surfaced for me, I was also really energized as my body had spoken loudly.

I continue to grow more and more confident as a result of this session and for the first time in my life I feel a real intuitive hit that I now trust massively. Thanks Susan!!”

- Yvonne Anderson, Lifestyle Coach, Meditation Teacher & Speaker, Safe Space Coaching

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