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Noticing + Releasing the Tension That Holds You Back

Feeling tense? Dissolve that feeling, with your awareness. 

Many of us walk around feeling tense, uptight, anxious, and worried. You have more influence over those moods and outlooks than you might imagine. What if you could put a dial in your hand and lower the volume on your stress? You can. But in an unorthodox way, one that really works for shifting you into greater ease.

noticingreleasingtensionwlogoIn this 23 minute audio MP3 download program, you’ll learn a technique for tuning into your body so you can dissolve your stress and feeling more relaxed, more open, more spacious, and even more inspired.

Dr. Susan Bernstein narrates this audio program with her soothing voice and guidance, accompanied by relaxing background music designed to:

Enjoy this brief sample:

Release Tension Now! $5.99

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