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Remarkable Repositioning

So, you’re planning on making a big career change! 

You’re shifting industries, or functions, or both. You’ve found a sensational new job you’d like to apply for, but you just feel frozen.

You sit down to write your resume and feel kind of scared and sheepish. Maybe you’ve never done this kind of job before. Or you’ve done some of the job, but in a different industry or function. So you’re not too sure what to say to sell yourself on paper.

You wonder:

  • What do I need to say and highlight about myself in this resume?
  • What should I hide about myself?
  • How do I write things in a way that people actually read my resume?

You’re already nervous about whether you can make the shift. Or you’re concerned about your ability to uplevel yourself. So how are you supposed to be confident and clear enough to write a resume that gets you noticed?

The thing is, instead of focusing so much on yourself, you’ll know what to write when you focus on the employer and the job you’re targeting.

That’s where I can help you craft a remarkable resume to reposition you and your experiences.

I love supporting people to make career shifts — big and small. I especially love helping you to tell your stories in a way that gets attention. It’s all about how you translate what you’ve done before, so that your target company says, “ooh, we want to talk to you!”

That’s why, after a decade of learning what it takes to tell a compelling story that gets hiring managers to notice career changers, I created Remarkable Repositioning, a 3-session coaching package that:

  • uplevels your experience — you’ll not only look more senior, but you’ll feel great about your prior work
  • boosts your confidence about being valuable to new potential employers
  • prepares you for interviews –  you’ll know which of your most compelling stories to share, and how to talk about them
  • teaches you a reliable process you can use over and over again to write a super-strong resume that grabs attention — especially if you’re making an industry or functional change
Here’s what happens:

Session 1

I review your resume against the job description for a position you’re targeting (you can even make one up). I’ll tell you where your resume is performing well, and where it needs to be strengthened.

I’ll teach you a highly strategic, repeatable process for transforming your resume so that it highlights your most important experiences. You’ll start to see yourself and your work experience in a much stronger, more powerful way. It’s a big ego boost.

I engage you in a conversation that brings out the significant and relevant stories in you — often ones you’ve forgotten or overlooked. With my strategic guidance, you’ll see the how your prior work fits into your future work. Your whole resume crafting process becomes less scary and more natural.

You’ll leave the session with an assignment that will give you the buik of the material for your revised resume.

Session 2

We take what your assignment from Session 1, and use it as the puzzle pieces that become the text of your resume. You start to see how it all fits together.

We do a few examples together of organizing your information.

Then, you take those examples and use them for your second assignment, which is to draft your resume. You’ll be surprised how much more easily you can write a resume now than in the past.

Session 3

We use the third session to refine your resume, including crafting an executive summary that really captures who you are and why you’re an ideal fit for the role.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are you writing my resume for me? 

The process is collaborative. We craft your resume together, and really, the process also naturally prepares you for interviews. I show you what it takes to position yourself effectively. I share frameworks that allow you to showcase your very best for each employer. The good news is that once you know these “resume hacks,” so you can make revisions yourself, as needed, any time in the future. You’re empowered. Of course, you’re welcome to do the process with me again, if you like.

Do you do any of the re-writing? 

When we get to the last session, depending on progress with the first two assignments, I’ll probably be able to offer revisions to your resume, which I’ll give you in real-time, on-the-fly. When I’m  done, I’ll send you the edited document, and you’ll see the shifts from “before” to “after” that arise from the stories I nudge out of you.

In all the sessions, we work back and forth, with you doing some revisions, and me. This iterative process helps you gain transparency, so you know how to describe yourself to really get the attention you desire from recruiters and hiring managers. I teach you to think like an employer, so you know how to translate your experience into compelling stories.

How is Remarkable Repositioning different than having someone write my resume for me?

When someone else writes your resume for you, they generally take what you have and move some words around and change the formatting. That’s not enough to convey the change you’re making. And besides, if you go into an interview with a resume that someone else has written, you’re likely to feel disconnected from what’s actually in that document.

With the Remarkable Repositioning process, you’ll feel very connected to your past experiences. You’ll know which of your stories to tell to make the biggest impact during interviews. You’ll have already reviewed a bunch of stories from your past  — often ones you’ve forgotten. You’ll have done the legwork, in advance, so you can be your most powerful when you’re in front of recruiters and hiring managers.

I’m scared to do this — what if I have nothing to put in my resume to prove I can do a new kind of job? 

I feel so lucky to have a gift for hearing where you may be stuck, blocked, lost, or confused in communicating about yourself. I bring compassion and patience to steering you in the direction of seeing your strengths.

This is incredibly important, because career changers often (mistakenly) believe they’re at a disadvantage in the job search. I have a reputation (look me up on LinkedIn) for inspiring and uplifting people in career transition. I’ve  made some big career leaps myself, so I understand what it takes to persuade employers to bring you on board.

How do I know your Remarkable Repositioning process works?

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.08.07 PM

I’m attaching two sample “before and after” resumes. Click on each of them to see the versions.

The first sample is from a woman who left government, and wanted a job in a well-known non-profit, but had been stagnating for six months. Within two
Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.09.16 PMweeks of revising her resume, she had a ton more confidence, started having strategic conversations I suggested, and opened up three totally new and interesting job possibilities. Outcome:  She’s currently doing a project for one of those, and exploring a much bigger world of options than she first say.

The second  “before and after” is from a woman who had not worked a “real” job in over 10 years because she was a stay-at-home mom. Her confidence was incredibly low when we started. Her revision process was not only a reawakening to her talents, but also a great refresher for interviews, and a significant confidence booster. Outcome:  Within a week of finishing her resume revision, she had two job offers.

Here’s what one of my clients, Sharon, had to say about the Remarkable Repositioning process:
“Susan helped me unearth my stories through a very strategic and inspiring process. Her work went way beyond the mechanics of resume writing. She’s really a coach who’s on your side” 

The Nitty Gritty…

What’s the investment in Remarkable Repositioning?

It’s $1995, and includes:

  • Three 50 to 55-minute sessions by phone within 4 weeks, as described above
  • Audio recordings of all three sessions, for your exclusive personal use, so you can listen again and again
  • Email access to me between sessions to clarify next steps and to boost your confidence
  • Worksheets and handouts to help you craft your resume
  • A replicable process you can use again in the future, any time you change jobs

Email me to get started with Remarkable Re-Positioning:

  1. My assistant will send you an invoice for your sessions
  2. She’ll send you a calendar link and you sign up for your three sessions (I’m available Monday – Thursday 10 am – 5 pm, and Friday from 10 – 3 pm)
  3. You send me a target job description (or even make one up!) and an electronic version of your current resume

Email me if you have any questions before getting started!



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